English 1105: Portfolio by D.Jason Nam


My name is Donghyun Jason Nam. If you feel that you'll mispronounce my Korean name, there's no need to stress - just call me Jason.

Jason Nam Trivia:
- Was born in Korea, raised in Czech Republic, lived in Michigan, China, and Boston
- Lives currently at Virginia Tech
- Virginia Tech was not on first choice list for college
- Has 2 older sisters

- Has an adorable puppy "Chadol" back at home
- Allergic to cats
- Secretly wants a best friend like Harry and Ron
- Speaks Korean, English, Czech, and Chinese
- Chinese is his favorite language to speak
- Was told that he was allergic to beef and shrimp; he didn't eat them for 2 years
- Moved school 10 times
- Thinks he heard God's voice when he was 8 years-old (seriously)
- Was once SO obsessed with Samsung his nickname was "Samsung Boy"
- Wants to be an Urban Outfitter (yes, that's his favorite shop)
- Raised in a Christian family but didn't fully believe until 2007
- Stopped taking dating as a joke after reading "I Kissed Dating Goodbye"