English 1105: Portfolio by D.Jason Nam



E x p l o r e.

Part Two.  Blog Entries  |  In-Class Writings  |  Making Meaning  |  Review Writing

Stay for a bit longer, I insist. With the first semester that has now come to an end, I have more interesting projects I would like to show you.

Before we hop into the new materials, I want to point out my previous project, Culture, Society, and Me. I added minor details to the track descriptions and polished up the essay. Yay.

Now, to the feature presentation!

First up, is Making Meaning. Of all the essays we had to write this semester, I actually found this the most challenging – probably because it was the most formal paper. I analyzed the Dos Equis beer advertisement campaign titled “The Most Interesting Man in the World”. I started the paper bashing on their beer ad for its inappropriate content, but I throughout the process, I actually found myself getting interested in the “most interesting man”. So that’s when I decided to hit that delete key and start over with a new thesis statement… on the same day the paper was due. Given the fact that I had the hardest time with this topic and also the fact that I switched my thesis at the last minute, this paper was the lowest score I got this semester. After getting the comments back from my instructor, I revised the parts I was told to but I still felt unsatisfied. I won’t lie, I still found it challenging while revising this paper and I don’t even know why. A part of me wanted to just rewrite the entire paper again; but that would be a pain in the neck. Blah.

Let’s talk about something that I did feel quite happy after writing: Review Writing. Remember when I said the Visual Literacy Narrative was my favorite project? Well scratch that. This is now my favorite. I freakin’ love, love, love movies and if you search me on Flixter.com, you would see that I also love writing movie reviews. So this project was like a dream come true. Although we had to write a formal analysis on three different movie reviews online first (which turned out pretty enjoyable), the second part was to write a movie review on our own. I saw the movie 2012 the weekend it came out and could not help but to write the review on it.

The next are my In-Class Writings for the second half of this semester. I included the two in-class writings because I felt like they reflected my favorite styles of writing those most. With the post on Mean Girls’ Halloween, I did what I do best – just babbling about whatever came to my mind without having to worry about proper grammar or punctuation. My other favorite style is bashing, which I used when writing my opinion on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I think it’s so much fun to criticize than praise something. There’s a lot more to say.

For my Blog Entries, I continued from my class writing on Transformers 2, this time writing the plot section of the movie. I feel that this is a strong piece because you can see my personality behind the short plot description. You can tell my opinion on the movie just by my tone. I understood the whole meaning of adding your own spice through this writing process. The next blog entry is the one titled “SEX”. It was my little moment of bashing (!!) on two advertisements we discusses about in class.

Whoa, sorry this is going for so long. Do you need a bathroom break?

Let’s wrap this up with my final thoughts about this semester. I legit think it was my best English class experience. Not because it’s college or because we didn’t have to read Shakespeare (well, maybe it is a little bit), but because I felt like my overall appreciation in writing has grown significantly. I definitely need to continue to work more on research papers. I think I lucked out this semester because most of projects were topics I had interest in. Regardless, I do feel that my writing has improved because I finally discovered my own writing style. Don't get me wrong, It still stinks to write (I don’t think that will ever change), but now I at least don’t mind doing it. But at the same time, by no means am I saying I have mastered the art of writing. I wish!